How To Break Free Of The “Divorce Hangover” (And Get EXCITED About Your Future!)
“I Want To Move Forward, But I Feel So Stuck...”
After a divorce, many women get stuck in what I call the UNCOMFORTABLE zone.

It’s as if they’re hungover from the trauma of their divorce.

Stress, anxiety, and negative emotions follow them around like a dark cloud.

It affects their health, finances, and relationships…

And they can’t seem to get away from it no matter how hard they try.

I myself was in this “uncomfortable zone” for a long time after my divorce. I know it’s a rotten place to be!

So I want to share with you what I discovered (and have since shared with all of my private clients).

It’s going to help you understand why you can’t let go of the past…

Why you can’t let go of your ex (even when it seems like it should be easy, considering all he did to you)...

Why it’s so hard to see a wonderful future that you can actively work towards…

Why you can’t be that confident, self-assured woman you’ve always wished you were…

And why you can’t seem to find the loving relationship you deserve

My “New Life, New You” Course Will Transform Your Future (Love Life Included!)

In my New Life, New You course, you’ll learn how to break free of the patterns that are keeping you scared, stuck, and in a “divorce hangover.”

You’ll finally be able to take control of your life, get excited about your future, and use your newfound confidence to attract the love of your life.

Not only that, but you’ll also:

 ✅Gain back the belief in yourself that you thought was lost

​ ✅Decide who you want to be in this life (and take the steps to becoming her)

​✅Have the tools to finally stop that downward spiral

​✅Trust yourself (so you can move forward in a positive way)

​✅Avoid destructive behaviours (and stop giving into short-term measures to make yourself feel better)

​✅Get clarity on your finances (so you can fully understand your budget and determine how your career should look moving forward)

​✅Acknowledge your grieving, but understand how strong you really are (so that the next phase of your life can be positive and happy)

​✅Recognize changing relationships and find the support you deserve (even if you feel like a lot of people have deserted you right now)

​✅Know that you will thrive and become a fabulous, confident woman (even if things look bleak at the moment)

Here’s What You’ll Get

When you purchase this multi-step course, you’ll immediately gain access to all 8 modules, along with their accompanying workbooks and videos. 
PLUS access to Fiona live in four 30 min. sessions to answer your questions.

Module #1: Focus Forward.
Clear out the past clutter, both physical and mental. Prepare for a fresh start where you’re not looking back on what was “supposed” to be but instead setting the foundation for what WILL be.

​Module #2: Relationships. 
Address your concerns about all the relationships changes that take place after a divorce. Understand who you want around you now and learn how to make better connections with old and new friends and family members.

​Module #3: Finances.
 Money is the biggest concern women bring up after divorce! In this module, you’ll evaluate your relationship with money and learn practical day-to-day budgeting so you can regain control and relieve financial stress.

​Module #4: Letting Go.
 Learn how to avoid the temptation of blaming others for the negative feelings and uncomfortable situations you’ve found yourself in after divorce. Reframe these emotions and let go of bad feelings so you can move forward to the life you want.

​Module #5: Taking Care Of You.
 After so many years of looking after others, you may have neglected to give yourself what you need spiritually, emotionally, and possibly physically. In this module, you’ll realize that self-care is not selfish, but a vital part of being the new you.

​Module #6: Finding Your Purpose.
 Discover what really lights you up and take the time to understand your values. Learn how to use this information to set goals for your fabulous future.

​Module #7: Goal Setting. 
At this point in the course, you’ll have a sense of who you’d like to be in this new life, the things you want to achieve, the changes you want to see, and the way you’d like to behave and be seen by others. Now is the time to set goals for each of these things.

​Module #8: Ready For Love. 
Confidence is very attractive! You’ll now have put yourself in a position to evaluate what you want from a new relationship. More importantly, you’ll know what your boundaries are.

This course is your chance to look over my shoulder as I teach many of the same tools and insights I prep my private clients with every day.

When you sign up for the course, you’ll gain instant access to all of the above (which I previously only shared with my private coaching clients who pay $1000's of dollars).


You can get this exclusive training for just $397.

with the subject line "I'm Ready"
so that I can send you the login information to begin your course, 
set up our first 30 min session 
and get you started on your NEW LIFE as fast as possible.

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